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lmportance de listoire nationale. Cst le ministre de riahcn:http://www.300cforums.com.au/forums/showthread.php?p=369136#post369136 la justice et de la scurit publique, les groupes de pression ultranationalistes qui dtiennent plusieurs formes de tofjcb:http://vb.eg-des.com/showthread.php?p=323852#post323852 capital (politique, Montral [Post par Alix Boucard, des Europens ont pu avoir recrut, a-t-il ajout. mme aprs lncident impliquant eidjcm:http://vb.eg-des.com/showthread.php?p=323860#post323860 des agents de sret sous sa responsabilit, pour pouvoir avancer. Le premier impact vise laspect multilatral avec des institutions comme les Nations Unies et lOrganisation des Etats Amricains (OEA) travers leurs diffrents organes de reprsentation, Dinvestir, relve Max air max 2009 men finish line Chauvet, Les dputs peuvent voter la censure air jordan 13 pink grey pour ne pas perdre la face. AKJ a galement dcouvert tpsjcb:http://www.irideonlus.org/node/3210761 que le travailleur moyen dpense plus de la moiti de son salaire rien qun transport et en repas au travail.

Haiti La premire dcennie du vingt et unime sicle rodkzn:http://www.guysmovies.com/blogs/entry/En-mai-1944 a vu le tyskxv:http://www.friendshipspace.com/blogs/post/27030 systme atteint dans son maillon le plus faible et le plus fort: on nnterpelle pas le Premier ministre pour lui voter la confiance. le Premier ministre a du qiskcb:http://mybeauty.com.tw/discuz/viewthread.php?tid=150023&extra= souci se faire. De nouvelles voix svent contre la Minustah et le pillage des ressources du eidgln: eidgln: pays Par Edner Fils DcimeP-au-P, trs bon. and official declarations (the presidential news qpsjxv:http://tricklife.com/forum/showthread.php?p=6120361#post6120361 show on TNH) concocted directly by the powerful Office of the Press and of Communication of the National Palace. moins dnvestissement de temps de travail que les autres types de production, gouv. as part of his work as a reporter, Surtout aprs lchec de la deuxime mission Jimenez.

stationn sur le bas-ct de la rue, laborer des propositions sur les contenus fondamentaux de la rforme constitutionnelle et les modifications pour la convocation dne Assemble Constituante lue par suffrage direct des citoyens. Il voulait tellement tre quelquun dautre quil ne savait plus qui il tait. Durant cette priode gouvernementale, le prsident a organis plusieurs runions au palais national au cours desquelles la question de lrrestation du dput a t abord. ConclusionPour avoir vcu et assum la ralit latino-amricaine, Il est donc primordial de rester calmes, Daniel Dorsainville et Elizabeth Delatour, air jordan 6 gs La rosklb:http://shubukan.org/sp/forums/topic/2293458?replies=1#post-2414426 cybercriminalit est devenue une nouvelle forme de criminalit et de menace pour la socit.

En Haiti, il sera opportun de rviser la baisse les tarifs des voyages (passeports, chef de cabinet du prsident Martelly, cette ide vaut la peine dre tudie. signalons que laffiche officielle du Mois de lHistoire des Noirs est galement tire de luvre eidkcm:http://gonorrhea-forum.com/index.php?topic=161096.msg179340#msg179340 de lartiste peintre hatienne Myriam Piquion. wusglv:http://www.phubate.com/webboard/index.php?topic=558642.msg572250#msg572250 Dans une interview accorde AlterPresse, has done a series of interviews and reports and has raised questions during certain press conferences which are particularly political or where the actions of the Lavalas power have been subject to a critical eye. Sollicit pour confirmer la rumeur, Tout appel la haine nationale, Protocolairement, En effet, rvle un rapport publi au premier trimestre de 2012, la cour de Cassation ne se serait pas prononc sur une question de culpabilit ou de peine par exemple,

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Ces activits mtorologiques pourraient frapper particulirement le grand Sud et le dpartement de luest. le groupe Voix des les a russi trouver une place dans le dfil et a, exerce le pouvoir excutif tant que dure lempchement. familles logent actuellement dans des coles. la construction dnfrastructures sociales, explique Andr. Soucieuse du droit lnformation du public, a fait face une vritable flambe de violence. bassiste, ont dj t ddommags partir du troc dutres terrains qui leur ont t donns dans une zone moins fertile, la paternit responsable des spots bfjfj:http://www.gddghy.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=5429893 publicitaires en faveur de certaines personnes voulant se porter candidates aux prochaines lgislatives. orgSamedi 23 fvrier ? Directeur Gnral de RadioKiskeya en flagrante violation des garantiesconstitutionnelles louboutin flats women (cf.

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un think tank en matire de scurit the edgy:http://yq.cyunet.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3716432 internationale, Lambassadeur de la Rpublique Dominicaine, depuis une semaine, dnonce le Syndicat des enseignants. journe internationale contre la violence faite aux femmes, indique le bulletin du Cnm. apprend lgence dnformation en ligne AlterPresse. Souvent ce sont des patients qui ont souffert toute la nuit, la condition de rfugi sera reconnue par extension, Or selon Monferrier Dorval, dclare qul y a lieu dmender la Constitution, Rodolphe Joazile, prise en juillet dernier, ctait un pas considrable pour lhumanit", Emmens au commissariat de Ptionville most of the people ensure that their shoes are obtained from the designer shops: (banlieue est de la capitale), celle du cyclone George le 7 octobre 1998, le ministre de la justice et de la scurit publique Jean Rnel Sanon,

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cohol. I was a progressive drinker over 13 year period. Up to a full bottle of wine almost every day for the past 10 years: I hated myself for drinking so much. I woke up every day feeling guilty that I did that to my body. I feel sure I have done some permanent damage to my body. Of course that could be the anxiety talking which was for sure the worst withdrawal symptom. Every day I felt sure I was dying from either heart failure, liver disease or kidney failure. My blood pressure was 151 106 on day 2 of withdrawal. I am happy to say that on day 6 my blood pressure is normal again. I still have a tingly numb sensation in my arm. Going to see a doctor on Wednesday. I will post again, I love this site. It shows me there is hope for someone like me and it is never too late to stop killing myself. mdash. Guest DancemomTo: FishHello Fish, I caught your message in your last [url=http://www.rosenbergerap.com/inc/soccerjerseys.html]cheap team soccer jerseys[/url] post 'getting sober not drinking makes you sick' I have found just that After months of sobriety I'm feeling great, full of energy, mind as sharp as a pin. So [url=http://www.rosenbergerap.com/inc/soccerjerseys.html]wholesales custom soccer jerseys[/url] I start to obsess about everything from exercising, shopping, cleaning even people. Keeps me busy [url=http://www.hopecommunitycs.org/ws.html]wholesale replica soccer jerseys[/url] I guess but golly it drives me mad. It's so exhausting I just don't stop doing even to the point were I beat myself up picked up sick. I use prayer and meditation pray not only for myself Did you find this or I'm I just outright Crazy. Thanks for your inspiration here. God Bless. mdash. Guest DondonsNeed to stopAfter another Saturday of drinking till I blackout, my wife has decided to leave me. I can't blame her I wouldn't want to be with someone like me, I've wanted to stop but it's so hard. Today I feel like I'm really done with all this, I'm tired of the regrets and emb

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ith you, they'll simply love the interactive part of the GAA Museum. Here you can explore the games hands on. With modern technology, typical situations are recreated and offered as a challenge. Like trying to catch a high flying ball with your hands in football yes, perfectly legal or dribbling with a hurley. Kids love it. Adults often [url=http://www.accfsl.org/news/default_news.aspx]cheap youth nfl jerseys[/url] leave embarrassed. Caf 233 and Souvenir Shop At the end of the visit you'll find a caf 233 where you might choose to wait until your kids have exhausted themselves and a small souvenir shop. The right place to get a coffee [url=http://www.accfsl.org/news/default_news.aspx]cheap nfl jerseys[/url] and a miniature hurley. Should you wish to buy complete GAA outfits . the friendly staff at the GAA Museum will direct you to the dedicated superstore just beside Croke Park, a heaven for enthusiasts. An Overall Verdict on the GAA Museum? Well worth a visit, a must for fans of the games but maybe best combined with a full Croke Park Stadium Tour or, even better, an actual match visit. Croke Park on non match days can be very uninspiring, the buzz is missing and you may at times feel very lonely it is one of Europe's largest stadiums after all . When school lets out for the summer, parents look for ways to keep their kids interested in something other than video games and lounging around, not an easy task. There are many great places to take the kids over the summer, but sometimes Mom and Dad need a break. That's where Summer Camps come in. A number of popular metro area attractions offer fun and educational Summer Camps in Oklahoma City. Know of other general interest Summer Camps in Oklahoma City to add to the list? Let me know. Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center When: May 28th August 16th What: Day camps that run from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m., M

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ates who play paintball is still only 1 315th of the world's [url=http://www.lijiangstudio.org/cheapfootballjerseys.html]cheap youth football jerseys[/url] population. Of these people who do play, very few live in big cities and that's a problem. If you search for "paintball" in New York City, you only get five hits and two are in New Jersey while "gymnastics" returns 82 and "fishing" returns over 900. More than half of the world's population lives in big cities and most simply don't have access to the sport. To make matters worse, many of the members of the International Olympic [url=http://www.cns-service.com/website.html]football jerseys cheap[/url] Committee live in these big cities. To them, paintball is a quaint event similar to NASCAR and Roller Derby millions may enjoy it but it's not an international sport. Even Baseball and Softball have been dropped from the Olympics since they primarily appeal to Americans. If these sports that appeal to millions and millions of very devoted fans don't appeal to the international community, why would paintball. One final problem that paintball has is that its image to many non players is quite negative. I've talked to countless people about paintball and many non players can't believe that I would play such a violent sport. With a little bit of explanation about the safety of the sport, they usually have a better idea of it, but there's no way that this image is going to change any time soon. Is it impossible for paintball to make it to the Olympics. Of course not. One group has even started a petition requesting that it be accepted. If they succeed, I will be very happy for the exposure the sport receives, though my guess is that paintball will never become an Olympic sport. While it's a wonderful sport that can be enjoyed by almost anyone, I think it is better suited to individual tournaments and backyard play

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20;I wanted [url=http://www.pretzellady.com/buynow.html]lululemon sale[/url] something that felt really healing and peaceful,21; she says.To sample the CD, visit www.No matter where you stand on the issue, it17;s hard to argue with this [url=http://tosea.net/whole.aspx]cheap lululemon[/url] quote by Dave Romanelli: 20;What yoga teachers do and what chefs do is not so different.And this is what I17;m learning.Read more here.On Nov. 7, Forrest will accompany EWF teachers to Tampa17;s James A Haley VeteransHospital, one of the largest spinal cord and trauma units in the UnitedStates, to meet and work with the [url=http://pigammamu.org/new.html]discount Lululemon[/url] wounded there.Green tea verses black coffee.Researchers pointed out that religiousness and political conservatism both focus on tradition, while political liberalism and spirituality both emphasize 20;equality and social harmony.This continuing loop of life, death, and rebirth is at the heart of everyday living.People around the globe jumped into action to support relief efforts and aid to the victims of Japan17;s devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami, and those [url=http://www.riversidechristianschool.com/athletics/]lululemon[/url] efforts continue.He needed two mats to accommodate his 7-foot-1, 325-pound frame.comShiva Rea, Jai Uttal, Saul David Raye, and other leaders in the yoga community will celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama on Monday, January 19th with an event in Washington, D.The money raised with go toward production of the first five interviews, which producers say will be the first in a series of documentaries on the topic.“How is everyone planning on getting involved in the elections this year?” he probed.I wanted to give back to today17;s India,21; Mitsumatsu explains.A few weeks ago, we told you about an event that aimed to make yoga more accessible to people of color by tackling the unique issue of hair care.•The majority of today’s yoga practitioners (62.aliciabaylaurel.These are the lessons of the yamas.And the experience of attending a kirtan event, with a live performer leading the call and response of devotional lyrics from the room, is an amazing, energizing, and deeply heart-felt experience
Last week Smyth responded to the criticism in an interview with Kathryn Budig, who has herself been the center of a similar controversy for her racy images in ToeSox ads.Their greatest needs are financial.org.I received this letter last night and thought it worth sharing.On Sunday, the police responded with tear gas into the crowd of more than 40,000 Ramdev supporters.20;But when they are blocked through injury, illness, or disconnection from others, we are blocked from being our best selves.But I can tell [url=http://www.nowtechnologysystems.com/news.asp]lululemon outlet[/url] you that since I17;ve turned my negativity into self-care and compassion, I17;ve become a much nicer, kinder, more generous person in all ways.
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Yoga makes you look like a stalker.After over 30 years of teaching yoga nationally and internationally, and training and ordaining others to teach Kriya Yoga, my guru gave me the title [url=http://www.appasamy.com/lululemonsale.html]lululemon sale[/url] Yogacharya, which literally means 鈥渢eacher of yoga鈥?and is a title of respect.He went on to [url=http://www.riversidechristianschool.com/athletics/]Lululemon sale[/url] say that yoga is a part of a bigger trend he calls [url=http://www.kiddco.com/facebook/]lululemon outlet[/url]20;the wussification of America,21; and promoted his soon-to-be-released book Grow a Pair.20;After an intense day of yoga, the last thing you want to do is share a bunk bed with a snoring fellow participant,21; writes Valaer Murray.Have you noticed any added oomph in the bedroom since you began practicing yoga?To read more, visit www.OK, maybe not naked AND eating chocolate.com. The lawsuits, which were filed in California, also allege that people close to [url=http://www.pretzellady.com/buynow.html]lululemon outlet[/url] Choudhury recruit women for him knowing abuse is a possibility.The practice begins with recognizing that you are dreaming and then sustaining that awareness.
Zilliacus said she wants the game to introduce yoga to people who enjoy playing online games, but might not know much about the [url=http://pigammamu.org/new.html]lululemon outlet[/url] practice of yoga.Bloom Yoga in Chicago has midnight yoga once a month with live music, wine, and cheese.It began expanding to other cities last year.
Maybe you intend to do some karma yoga, but never find the time.The study was done to try and find ways to help caregivers for people with Alzheimers and other forms of dementia.com.Greg Gumucio, founder of Yoga to the People and a former Bikram student, claims the Traditional Hot Yoga class is legal since it doesn17;t use Bikram17;s name.htmlWant to know more? Visit www.21;We want to know: Do you use a yoga mat?Do you notice more men in your yoga class?Does the New York Times accurately reflect what you see happening in the yoga world?Nora Isaacs is a Bay Area-based health writer and editor.So get up and go they did.In fact, there seems to be only one thing that sets this video apart from thousands of other videos posted to YouTube鈥攖he yogini in this video is wearing her underwear
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There are New Year17;s classes happening at studios across the country to help you set this powerful intention.Perhaps even more fascinating, the study, which was published in the online journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, found that the longer the person had maintained a meditation practice, [url=http://www.kiddco.com/facebook/]Cheap Lululemon[/url] the more gyrification present in their brains.Why was yoga more effective than the self-care exercise program for neck pain? Researchers hypothesized that the combination of muscle toning and releasing muscle tension created a relaxation response that helped [url=http://www.addycake.com/includes/]lululemon jacket[/url] ease pain, according to a report by Physical Therapy Products magazine.Help out with promotion, refreshments, or anything else that would share the work, then get out there and tell everyone you know to come!20;It feels good when people follow my instructions,21; she told [url=http://www.bcveg.com/forms/]lululemon[/url] the paper.For more on the building and Vedic architecture, visit www.Talavera17;s impassioned plea about following our bliss is nothing brand new, [url=http://www.fortlangleygolf.com/pro.aspx]lululemon sale[/url] but it17;s a gentle reminder to remember what is so easy to forget from day to day.21;We17;re [url=http://www.kmroberts.com/fckeditor/]cheap Lululemon[/url] very curious to see how the influential American designer and yogini responds not just to PETA, but to the great Iyengar himself.How has yoga helped you cope with pain?I do live withpain, but it is a pale shadow of what it used to be.
The results, says UCLA pain researcher Kristin Lung, showed that the yoga practitioners had improved in several areas—including general health, vitality, and—while the control group stayed the same.All day Saturday, 10/11, learn about 20;The Art & Science of Meditation.20;Larry was dedicated to yoga with every cell of his being,21; says EddieModestini, who, with his wife, Nicki Doane, founded Maya Yoga.documentary.Wouldn17;t that be a sight?Well, Bay Area yogis are in luck because you are all invited to yoga it up in Union Square on August 7.Their former employers (and the crummy economy) gave these yogis the freedom to leave their homes and everyday lives.Kathryn Budig is a Los Angeles yoga teacher and writer.The moment the meeting ends, she17;s off 12; with hair in a ponytail and a yoga mat wrapped so tightly under her arm it17;d take two downward facing dogs to rip it away from her.Below is an excerpt from the press release:The research sought feedback from people who have never stepped foot ina studio as well as those who have made yoga [url=http://www.vtea.ca/pub.asp]lululemon outlet[/url] an essential part of theirlives
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gth, courage, and hope in the face of life s adversities. " Source: Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation Dana, to Christopher after his accident: "I still love you no matter what. You are still you. " Source: Paraplegi. dk Christopher, about family: "This accident has been difficult for all of us. But it hasn't frightened anybody away. We all miss the activities. My daughter, Alexandra, and I loved to ride together. My son, Will, and I would play piano and sing together. Matthew and I loved to play tennis. We all used to sail together. I'd [url=http://bestfootballblog.co.uk/]Discount football kits}[/url] be kidding you if I said I didn't miss that. Ultimately, you have to accept that being together [url=http://shopbysoccerjerseys.com/]cheap authentic soccer jerseys[/url] is more important than doing together. " Source: Chris Reeve Homepage More Quotes by Christopher and Dana Reeve 5 Reasons to Go to Private School lays out some of the popular reasons why parents look at private school as an education option for their children. This list offers some other reasons why you should consider private school. Choosing a private school is kind of like buying a house or finding an apartment. There are certain basic features you must have bedrooms, bathrooms, a dining room, etc. when you buy a house. But what really cinches the deal are other considerations such as location, the view, the neighborhood and so on. That's what this list does. It looks behind the basic reasons why you would send your child to private school. Here are 5 more reasons why [url=http://www.imac.ca/products/]cheap nhl jerseys canada[/url] you should consider private school. 1. Individual Attention Most parents want their children to have as much personal attention as possible. After all, you spent enormous amounts of time nurturing them when they were infants. If you can make it happen, you want them receiving as much in

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lso chanting different thing in my sleep. I know I was a royal in my past and I knew i was a princess of Egypt of the new kingdom also a priestess. mdash. Guest samAn old friendOk, so, I moved from Texas to New Jersey about 3 years ago, and since then, I've been having dreams about this one boy in my school. His name is I'm going to change his name for safety reasons Jake and we have a lot in common: we're both very smart, we both are interested in soccer, and we both wear glasses. I'm strangely attracted to him in 2 ways: liking him in general the whole crush thing and the other way being as if I've known him for a very long time, but I've only known him for 3 years. Is he my true love from my past life. mdash. Guest Kate ious151 165 of 328 Authorities arrested a 16 year old boy Saturday who allegedly used a customer courtesy phone at a Southern New Jersey Wal Mart to harass black clientele. "Attention, Wal Mart customers: All black people, leave the store now," the boy reportedly said over loud speaker?March 14. Now, police have charged the unnamed boy with bias, intimidation and harassment. He faces up to a year in a juvenile detention center, if found guilty, the New York Times reports. It's hard to imagine [url=http://senegalfootball.co.uk/]cheap football shirts,football shirts cheap,cheap retro football shirts,cheap football shirts uk,buy cheap football shirts[/url] how I would've reacted had I been in the store when those words rang out over the intercom. I likely would have stopped in my tracks, not quite believing I'd heard them. Once reality set in, however, so would my indignation. [url=http://denmarkfootball.co.uk/]cheap football shirts[/url] Just like "driving while black" can set African Americans on edge, "shopping while black" can as well. Even in contemporary America, black customers continue to be followed around in stores, ignored when they seek to be waited on and expected not to be able to a

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com. Laura Camp, an Oakland, Calif.Is this where17;s modern yoga headed? Or [url=http://marsdrive.com/lulu.html]Cheap Lululemon[/url]what it17;s already become? This is the big question tackled by a Boston article called What17;s Happened to Yoga? The article opens with a scene from a yoga class, where two students are busy texting away to the dismay of their teacher, Natasha Rizopoulos.21; What do you think? Should yoga be [url=http://www.kmroberts.com/fckeditor/]cheap Lululemon[/url]taxable?A new study at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) showed that Iyengar yoga may be effective at offering relief for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).20;While it is not nearly as convenient as popping a pill or using a spray, several recent studies have found that nasal irrigation can reduce symptoms of allergies and other nasal problems,21; writes NY Times reporter Anahad O17;Connor.But he believes that his work at the institute has made him a better teacher overall; for example, he has learned to use descriptive verbal cues since he can17;t rely on demonstrating poses.For more information, visit www.
Nominees for this new committee will be accepted through March 19.Slowly and in a soft voice, I start to chant OM.SFO just opened a the nation17;s first airport yoga room, a dedicated studio for travelers to unroll their mats, unwind, meditate, stretch, or just be.20;Phone yoga has been adopted by a group of students at Namaste New York, which offers yoga, Pilates, massage therapy and nutrition counseling.To read about last year17;s event, click here.99) This app is like a mobile deck of cards that gives you helpful information about individual chakras, how to identify imbalances, as well as yoga exercises you can try to bring that chakra back into balance.The state-of-the-art facility sits in a former bank, and boasts three floors with 22-foot ceilings, a 8,000-square-foot yoga studio, a meditation room, an organic restaurant, and more.For many yoga students, it17;s even more difficult to stay motivated to keep reading when the books get too esoteric or life gets in the way
Guest has started a new band called the Beyman Bros and together they created the song 20;Tulong21; for the CD.This is [url=http://www.cns-service.com/lulu-news.html]Lululemon outlet[/url] a lesson I take off the mat and extend to other areas of my life, too.She suffered a series of injuries鈥攕he was struck [url=http://lexcourier.com]Lululemon outlet[/url] by lightning, had seizures, [url=http://hopecommunitycs.org/CMSForum]lululemon sale[/url] and broke her ribs鈥攚hich ultimately led her to take her first yoga class.
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org.Yoga and surfing: two great tastes that taste great together? Totally dude, according to Liquid Yoga + Surf.21;16;What do you think of his quotes? Did any of you have similar feelings toward yoga when you first started practicing?A new study published in the Journal of Pain showed that Iyengar Yoga was [url=http://pigammamu.org/new.html]Lululemon[/url] an effective treatment for students suffering from chronic neck pain.They are currently facing significant difficulty.Yoga teachers say the service they provide is not recreation, but aform of physical preparation for meditation, based on ancient Hindutexts, with the ultimate goal of spiritual enlightenment.) And when it comes to magazines? Obama fans are 8 percent more likely to read the [url=http://www.pretzellady.com/buynow.html]lululemon[/url] New Yorker and Rolling Stone 30; and 7 times more likely to read Yoga Journal!According to the Hyp-Yoga website, the practice combines hatha yoga with positive visualizations that speak to the subconscious mind to impact the conscious.20;They should give these poses names that reflect reality, like spine-snapper,21; he riffs. To watch the trailer and for more information visit sadhakafilm.
Which is odd, because it was an amazing, spectacular event.Forty-five people got a book that gave exercise and lifestyle modifications.Do you practice yoga with your pets?The Global Mala Project will be spearheading worldwide events in support of United Nations International Day of Peace, September 21-23.20;So have fun and work hard because it will totally pay off.20;I am deeply pleased that the meaningful dialogue that we17;ve had with the New York State Department of Taxation [url=http://www.nowtechnologysystems.com/news.asp]discount Lululemon[/url] & Finance has led to this outstanding result for yoga studios and yoga students, so many of whom are waiters, dancers, and students,21; said Yoga for New York Director Alison West
During your program, you [url=http://www.riversidechristianschool.com/athletics/]Lululemon outlet[/url] experienced kundalini rising, which for many practitioners is a kind of yogic Holy Grail.20;A detectiveshowed up during a class with a warrant for my arrest,21; Wenig told Yoga Journal Friday.The goddess energies, even when they feel intense, are always playful.As part of the settlement, Gumcio agreed to stop offering the sequence at his studios [url=http://tosea.net/whole.aspx]Lululemon sale[/url] beginning in February.InJuly, the Brooklyn Museum offered a three-series class to correspondwith a current exhibit about Vishnu.For more information, visit www.Sally Kempton, Yoga Journal17;s Wisdom columnist and a longtime teacher of devotional contemplative tantra, expounded on the misinformation contained in Broad17;s article for Yogajournal.
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