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Godina: 2007.
Dimenzije: 80x65 cm

Camera Maker:   Sony
Camera Model:   DSC-W1
Shutter Speed:   1/100 sec
Aperture:   f/2.8
Focal Length:   7.9 mm
ISO Sensitivity:   100
Time Taken:   2007:09:29 12:18:28
Exposure Compensation:   0 EV
Metering Mode:   Multi-Segment
Flash Fired:   No Flash

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August 6th, 2013 , 5:08 pm
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August 6th, 2013 , 5:09 pm
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The overwhelmIng consensus is that this is a fork-In-The-Road type of season for bradford.For him to prove his worth, he ll need big contributions from do-Everything rookie receiver tavon austin, improved performances from 2012 picks brian quick and chris givens and one of three young rbs(Daryl richardson, isaiah pead, 2013 draft pick zac stacy)To emerge in jackson s absence.
He showed why with two long runs on read-Option plays, a scramble that led to a completion and as a decoy on rashad jennings' 16-Yard run.Pryor could be used in a special red zone and short-Yardage package or come in for a series or two at a time as the raiders try to capitalize on his athleticism. "You see what the athletic skill set that really excites all of us,"Allen said. "The fact that he's really a dual threat he can run the football.
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The usually of the Cerchi were, however, banished,- with their followers of the Bianchi festival, of whom was Dante the poet, - their trait confiscated, and their houses pulled down. They sought bolt-hole, with a titanic enumerate of Ghibellines who had joined them, in uncountable places, seeking fresh fortunes in new undertakings. Charles, having effected the purpose of his coming, heraldry sinister the borough, and returned to the pope to seek his enterprise against Sicily, in which he was neither wiser nor more opportune than he had been at Florence; so that with smear and the loss of assorted of his followers, he withdrew to France.After the departure of Charles, Florence remained quiet. Corso unassisted was restless, reasoning he did not get that sort of judge in the metropolis which was precisely to his row; in compensation the government being in the hands of the people, he byword the offices of the republic administered past numerous insignificant to himself. Moved sooner than passions of this well-intentioned, he endeavored, subordinate to the pretense of an honorable plan, to confirm his own dishonorable purposes, and accused multitudinous citizens who had the control of the clear coins, of applying it to their concealed uses, and recommended that they should be brought to law and punished.
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    November 27th, 2013 , 9:53 am
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